We are an auto spa and detail service.

Here at Thirsty Cars, located in Honolulu, we offer professional vehicle interior and exterior cleaning services. Get your car cleaned today. Services that we offer include all mobile detailing services, carpet cleaning, vacuuming, tire detailing, paint restoration, oxidation removal, headlight restoration, wheel cleaning, waxing services, interior shampoo, paint protection, polishing services, scratch removal, and more! We are your one stop shop! Call us today or book an appointment online.

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We have a variety of different packages that people seem to love. You will too. Your satisfaction is paramount to our vision and aligns perfectly to our core values and what we stand for.

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We are grateful for the smiles and joy we receive from our customers every day. There's no better feeling than to know we not only give them the service they deserve, but we make friends and family that will last a lifetime. 


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